Today was a great beach day, and looking at Outer Banks weather for the rest of the week, it looks as though the next couple of days are going to be even better. There is something that is just so perfect about a day at the beach that—well, it’s become a saying that means an easy pleasant time.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we want to make sure you have the best time possible while you’re sitting on a towel in that nice warm sand, reading some trashy novel that you would never let your friends back home know about.

First of all—sunscreen . . . Yes the sun feels great now, but it won’t feel so great at 9:00 o’clock at night if you’re parboiled. Let’s face it, if you’re here on vacation, you’ve probably spent the better part of the past year cooped up in some office or a car, and your body hasn’t been exposed to this much sun since your last vacation.

Know where the lifeguards are. All of our beaches are protected by professional lifeguards. Admittedly, it’s pretty rare that anyone needs a lifeguard’s assistance, but just in case, know where they are.

Beer is not water. Yes—that cold beer tastes great on a hot day, but beer is a diuretic meaning it moves water through your body. Leaving out the inconvenience of how far the restrooms are from the beach, drinking beer will ultimately just make you thirstier. Water or a sports drink will give you more energy and more time on the beach. And just think how good that beer is going to taste later this evening.

Get in the water with the kids. Isn’t that the whole reason you’re here—spend time with the family and be a kid again?