When we write about the Outer Banks we tend to report on what is happening now or upcoming events. But there is an extraordinary history associated with this string of barrier islands, so we thought we would glance back over 500 years or so and put three facts about the history of the Outer Banks that may or may not be well known.

The Corolla wild mustangs probably came ashore in the mid to late 1500s. No one is sure exactly how or when they got here, but the most likely scenario has them swimming ashore from a shipwreck. It is also possible that Spanish Conquistadors exploring the coast brought horses ashore, but left them here when they departed.

The Whalehead Club began its life as a vacation getaway for wealthy industrialist Edward Collins Knight and his wife Marie Lebel. The couple named their getaway Corolla Island.

It was not until Ray Adams purchased the property after the couple’s death that it was renamed the Whalehead Club in a first attempt to market Corolla as a tourist destination.

There were over 50 private hunt clubs surrounding Currituck Sound at one time. In fact, one of the first, if not the first, chartered private hunt club in the United States was the Currituck Club, incorporated in 1857. The club owned the land that the Currituck Club Golf Course and homes are now located.