Bumble Bee at Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk.

It’s Easter Sunday or Passover weekend on the Outer Banks. Either way it is a time to celebrate a regeneration of the spirit; a time when nature seems to explode with life and is reborn in all the remarkable shades of the color wheel. At least that’s the way it feels today, for this truly a spectacular spring day.

Local schools are out on spring and is pretty clear that a lot of other schools are also taking a week off—the roads a filled with out of town license plates and families are filling our homes and stores.

The weather is looking great this week. A bit of rain maybe mid week, but overall, it should a fantastic time to be not he Outer Banks.

It is a bit chilly for swimming—actually, it’s very cold for swimming. Not a lot happening for surfers right now, but for anyone going, remember the ocean water temperature is in the 40s at Jennette's Pier.

The ocean side gets all the attention, but actually there is a lot to do on the sound side. This time of year is the perfect time to take a kayak out on the any of the sounds, or hop on a bike and pedal for a couple of miles.