Catching a wave on a skim board on a perfect spring day.

It looks as though spring has finally come to the Outer Banks. it would be hard to imagine a better spring day than we had today, although looking at the forecast for the next few days there is a possibility of competition.

The sun was out, the very light from the south, just a few cloud…that’s about as good as it gets.

With spring bread happening for a lot of schools, there’s a fair number of visitors from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland—all up and own the East Coast, and a lot of them seemed to be taking some time on our beaches today.

Will this weather hold? There is a bit of a cold front moving through later this seek—Thursday is what the forecast calls for—but after that, it really does look as though spring is here to stay. Until summer get here, of course.

Walking along the beach today was a great reminder of what makes the Outer Banks such a special place. The waves were fairly small, although the water temperature is still in the 50 degree range so it was definitely a wet suit day.

Still, the waves were perfect for skim boarding and there were a couple of friends hitting the surf—in wet suits and having what appeared to be a great time.

A father and son were in the water—the father teaching his son how to surf, and the kid was doing great.

It was one of those perfect reminders of how special the Outer Banks can be.