Local notables gahter at Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery. (LtoR) Artist Doug Bannon, Glenn Eure, Pat Eure, Dr. Stephanie Morgan and Nags Head Mayor Ben Cahoon.

On the north end of Nags Head there are about five or six art galleries within easy walking distance of one another.

About five years ago, the town thought they should take advantage of that and they held their first Roll and Stroll. The concept is simple—the galleries stay open just a bit later than usual, some of them have a special event of some sort for the evening, have some cookies or snacks available and people roll on bikes or just take a stroll along the streets and check out the galleries.

It’s held on the second Thursday of July. It’s not a big fancy event with lots of hoopla, but it has become one of the special days that make the Outer Banks such a great place to live and visit. 

The weather was about perfect this evening for the Roll and Stroll. There weren’t throngs of people on hand but it was nice turnout. 

At Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery, Glenn was advertising a cowgirl belly dancer and jewelry making. We didn’t get there early enough for the cougars. Too bad too…Glenn has a wonderful sense of humor and it’s hard to say exactly what that would have been.

Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Morgan has a great idea with her Gallery Row Animal Hospital—office on the bottom floor and a small gallery upstairs to help fund the hospital.

There did seem to be a gathering of Shih Tzu dogs at one point with about seven or eight of the toy sized dogs were gather in the Animal Hospital parking lot.

It seems to be what the whole evening was about—pleasant, a little bit slow paced and friendly.