On the Nags Head beach. A drum circle and swimmers.

Here we are at the official beginning o the Outer Banks peak season. 

The pundits and know-it-alls may say the summer season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but those of us who live here, know better.

The real season begins when the last of the East Coast schools let out…usually the third week in June.There are certainly a lot of visitors here beginning in mid May, but nothing like what happens when those schools get out.

And then it’s a wonderful, glorious madness until the third week in August when students in the South go back to school.

Today was as close to a perfect Outer Banks day as there could be. Warm, but not oppressively hot, the sun was out for most of the day. Not much of a breeze, but daytime temperatures were mild enough that the lack of breeze was not a problem.

And the ocean… the marvelous Atlantic Ocean. Cool, but not cold, a dip into its waters was perfection.

As eventing came, the beach was filled with local groups and organizations that take advantage of the summertime on the sand. There was a youth group from a local church gathered and next to them, 15 or 29 people sat around beating rhythms in a drum circle. 

Children were running along the beach; the waves were perfect for beginning surfers to learn how to ride a wave.

 It was, a perfect Outer Banks beach day.