Filming a scene form Ocracoke in the British Cemetery.

Filming a scene form Ocracoke in the British Cemetery.

It seems Ocracoke just can’t catch a break. There’s a 160 year old bloodsucking vampire loose in the village. First Hurricane Dorian and now this.

The reports indicate there has been a film crew looking into the vampire sitings. The crew is part of an independent film creating a move—Ocracoke—that takes place on the island.

Produced by writer David Dean, the movie just wrapped up their first scheduled filming in the village.

There is no doubt that it’s a low budget film. But it is feature-length and the plot is surprisingly subtle, asking some important questions about how much evil is acceptable when we personally benefit from it.

Thomas White landed on the shores of Ocracoke some 160 years ago, the purported survivor of a shipwreck. Over the next century and a half he has created a remarkable nest egg for every citizen of the village.

All they have to do is ignore the occasional visitor who disappears. Something they have been doing for years—much to their individual benefit.

Then Detective Peter McAllister comes to the island, fleeing a failed marriage and hoping to find love with the beautiful Ilona.

He soon discovers that he can flee neither from his past nor ignore the future as the evidence becomes ever more apparent that something is rotten on the Island of Ocracoke.

More About the Vampire Movie

The entire cast is from North Carolina, most from the Wilmington area. However, other than Dean, none of them had ever been on Ocracoke before.

The film is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign—look for Ocracoke by David Dean—to help.

In an interview, Dean mentioned that he was not aware of how badly the island was affected by Dorian and that he was hoping to have enough money left over from the Kickstarter campaign to do a documentary on how the village has recovered from the event.

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