Raise a Sunday morning glass to toast Dare County–the Sunday Brunch Bill has passed.

Here’s the story behind that. 

When the Carolina Panthers came to North Carolina, they wanted to be able to serve alcohol during games, but the state’s Sunday Blue Laws prohibited that. The legislature quickly remedied the situation making alcohol sales legal on Sundays beginning at noon.

Retailers and restaurants have for some time pointed out the noon time was arbitrary and for out of state visitors especially, confusing

On June 30 SB155, nicknamed he Brunch Bill was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper. The bill allows alcohol sales beginning at 10 a.m. on Sundays. 

There was a catch, though. Local jurisdictions had to approve the measure for it to become effective in their town or county.

In Dare County Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores moved quickly to pass enabling ordinances. On July 17 Dare County Commissioners passed the enabling legislation. Duck and Nags Head followed suit on July 19.

In  Currituck County the bill hit a snag. 

Because of the way the bill was written, the first vote to pass the necessary ordinance must be unanimous. If it is, the new ordinance can take effect immediately. If there are dissenting votes, the attempt is considered a first reading and is put on the agenda for the next available voting opportunity.

Acknowledging that county businesses were united in supporting passage, nonetheless in Currituck County Councilman Beaumont voted against the measure, concerned that it sends the wrong message about alcohol use. He agreed that not passing the measure had the possibility of costing businesses money, but pointed out that revenue should not be the only reason to vote for a measure.

The Brunch Bill will be on the Currituck County agenda for the August 7 meeting where a simple majority can approve the bill.