Manger scene at Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church.
While the rest of the country seems to be in the midst of a massive winter storm, here on the Outer Banks it’s 70 degrees and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Probably should not gloat, though–by Christmas day it looks like the temperatures will fall to something around 40 with a north breeze. Still, it doesn’t look as bad as the rest of the country.
We’re counting down the days ‘til Christmas now . . . the kids are out of school, local shops are filled with last minute shoppers (that includes me), Christmas lights illuminate the night sky and there’s the music of the season everywhere.
The First Flight High School Choir is going to stop by the Duck United Methodist Church on Tuesday–that’s Christmas Eve–for a performance. It’s all volunteer on the part of the kids–seems they just love singing.
Speaking of singing . . . Kim Kalman’s concert at the Whalehead Club got moved to today. Originally scheduled for the next Saturday, the response to Christmas in Corolla has been so strong this year, they decided to move the date up.