What an amazing summer it has been on the Outer Banks. The weather has been warm to hot, but not blazing hot . . . we’ve had some rain but everyone has had a chance to get their beach time in  . . . restaurants are filled . . . businesses are doing well, and our home are full of families having a great time on vacation.
For obvious reasons, summer is the preferred time to visit the Outer Banks–kids are out of school, a dip in the ocean is spectacularly refreshing, nature is at its most verdant. It all comes together to create a stunning vacation experience.
But summer is not the only time to come to the Outer Banks, and we’re going to put a bug in your ear to make a return trip in the fall. Air temperatures have moderated just a bit, but the Ocean is still at that cool, but not cold place that makes getting in an almost sinfully wonderful thing to do. Businesses are still open and have not gone to winter hours or into hibernation . . . there’s lots of options for folks visiting in September of October.
The weather is still summer time spectacular–especially through September but rentals are around half of the peak season rates. That spectacular 6-bedroom home your family has been eying for years? It’s probably within the family budget now.
Prices fall by almost half–and sometimes in half–during the shoulder seasons, and there’s no sacrifice in things to do. In fact, in some ways, there’s more to do than in the summer. We’re just going to write about September and October here, but spring is similar to fall in many ways. 
Just about every week and weekend through October–and actually into November has great events scheduled. The Outer Banks Marathon is the weekend of the 8-10th of November, and for runners, wannabe runners, beginning runners and spectators, it’s worth the trip . . . and if you can schedule a week around it, that’s a great time to explore the Outer Banks at a little bit slower time of the year.
There is so much to do, we can’t list everything, but here’s a sample:
The ESA Eastern Surfing Championships are September 15-21 at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. This is one of the premier surfing events of the year on the East Coast and worth checking out.
October seems to have become music month. The 2nd Annual Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival is October 4-6 in Manteo. If it’s anything like last year’s event . . . wow!
The the 7th Annual Duck Jazz Festival is the following weekend–which is also Columbus Day weekend. A one day event on Sunday the 13th, the setting is picture perfect and the music has never ceased to be anything but outstanding.
Up the Road in Corolla, Mike Dianna is hosting is 3rd Annual Mustang Music Festival in Corolla. It’s a two day event with the jams happening on the 11th and 12th, which is nice because it doesn’t conflict with the Duck Jazz Festival. Actually, it makes it a great music weekend, and an even better excuse to spend a week on the Outer Banks.
Finally we don’t want to forget the Outer Banks Seafood Festival the following weekend on October 19. This was last year’s surprise success story and it looks to be even better this year.
Although not as many folks come to the Outer Banks in the fall as the summer, it has become an important part of who we are. Some of our properties are filling up their weeks, so give us a call here at Brindley Beach Vacations and let us reserve that home you have been dreaming about.