Russell Malone Quartet will be headlining the Duck Jazz Festival.

We’ve got a heck of an entertainment week on our hands here on the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival is happening right now at Roanoke Island Festival Park and that’s going to be going through Saturday. 

That’s followed up by the Duck Jazz Festival Saturday and Sunday, although Sunday is the big day in Duck.

First things first—bring your sunscreen for both festivals. It’s all outdoors and the weather is forecast to be scientifically absolutely fantastic through the weekend.

The headliner last night was Rhonda Vincent and the Rage and if you missed that one…well you missed a legitimate bluegrass legend. What sets Vincent and her group apart is from almost everyone else is how extraordinarily talented everyone in the group is. 

Not that there isn’t a lot of talent out there, wow (!) are they good.

Headliner tonight is the Darrell Webb Band followed by Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen. Both groups are fantastic examples of what can be done with bluegrass and that traditional sound, often blending their sound into blues. Or, especially with Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen taking rock classics and reinterpreting.

The Festival wraps up with Breaking Grass and the Steel Drivers, two more groups that have a tradition of breaking tradition when it comes to their music.

Be sure to rest up for the all day affair that’s the Duck Jazz Festival on Sunday.

Centered around the Duck Town Green, the setting may be one of the most beautiful imaginable. Be sure to bring a beach chair, chill a beverage and pack some snack—it’s a free event but this is one time when you get way more than you pay for.

Headlined by the Russell Malone Quartet, it’s going to be a spectacular afternoon of music. Malone is as good a jazz guitarist as there is, but his style tends to be very traditional.