Kids, music and a great time for the Mustang Music Potty Party fundraiser.

Kids, music and a great time for the Mustang Music Potty Party fundraiser.

There was a fundraiser for the Mustang Outreach Program at the Roadside in Duck today. And not just any fundraiser. It was a Potty Party.

Which probably should be explained.

The Mustang Outreach Program is one of those pieces to the Outer Banks that makes this such a special place. Under directory Ruth Wyand, MOP works with young musicians to hone their performance skills. The ages range from eight to 17…although it should be added that Ruth does work with a couple of adult groups. Really more for fun and the chance to get together and play than anything else.

But the Potty.

The MOP lost its home about nine months ago. they’ve managed to keep things going by finding temporary places to work with the kids, but it has not been easy.

When the Jubilee Music Store moved a few months ago to its new location in Sea Gate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills, the old location became available.

The thought was, “This will be an easy conversion.” There was room in the old store for four studios for lessons with room left over for a rehearsal stage.

Why a Mustang Outreach Potty Party Was Needed

And then reality set in.

Because its new use would not be a retail store, the construction had to get new permits, and one of its provision in the new use was the restroom had to meet ADA requirements. An expensive proposition and one that an all-volunteer nonprofit simple did not have the money for.

Hence the Potty Party.

As fundraisers go, this was a great one. There are between 25-30 kids in the program right now and quite a number of them got up on stage to perform. As did one or two alumni of the program as well as a five or six musicians who play around the Outer Banks regularly.

We’re not sure yet how much was raised, but hopefully, enough for the Potty dilemma.

Plans call for the new location to be ready by mid October.

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