Here we are in the middle of December, Christmas is coming and summer seems like it is either a distant memory or a forlorn hope. It isn’t of course . . . summer just ended a little over three months ago, and summer 2013 will be on us before you know it. But with the wind blowing from the northeast, overcast skies and temperatures not quite reaching 50 degrees, it can be hard to remember.
Of course, here in the midst of the holiday season it may be a little bit difficult to think of anything beyond Christmas, let alone seven or eight months into the future. So here’s a suggestion that may help: Give yourself the gift of the Outer Banks.
That may not be as crazy as it sounds. If ever there was a gift the whole family will enjoy, it’s a week or two on the Outer Banks. And let’s be honest here–gifts are given out of love and respect, but as a general rule, about half of them have no practical application.
That is not the case with an Outer Banks vacation. Realizing that we’ll sound like some sort of medicine show huckster when we say this, an Outer Banks vacation rejuvenates the spirit, brings families closer together and creates wonderful memories.
This is a great time to fashion that getaway on the beach. The holidays truly are a time of family and togetherness and having everybody together creates a wonderful opportunity to talk about what the ideal vacation would be. Does it include surfing, fishing and sightseeing? Is an ideal vacation nothing more than sitting out on the beach and reading a good book–or some trashy novel if you prefer? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that is important, is what your family decides should be their vacation. 
And if it includes beautiful beaches, warm weather and cool ocean waters, the Outer Banks will have it. 
Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we have over 500 listings available in our rental program. Our staff knows and loves the Outer Banks and is a great resource in choosing the best areas to match your family’s wish list. 
Does the centralized locations of Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills appeal to you? Southern Shores has a very residential feel; the village of Duck has interconnecting boardwalks and walkways throughout its business district. Corolla has some of the finest beaches in the world, and its huge beachfront homes are perfect for large family gatherings. 
Our early bookings were more successful than ever this year, but we still have a great selection of rental units on hand–although as summer gets closer, we do fill up. So the sooner your family can decide on your vacation plans, the more Brindley Beach selection you’ll have. 
We realize not everyone will be able to book early and our staff will do everything in their power to match you with that right house for your family. However, we do have to work with the properties available to us, so the earlier you can make your selection, the greater your choices will be.
Give us a call at (252) 453-3335 or on line at Brindley Beach. Let’s work together to create a vacation filled with memories.