Mother’s Day 2014 on the Outer Banks is as close to a perfect day as you could find. The temperatures should top out somewhere in the low 80s, there’s not a cloud in the sky and there’s a light breeze from the west.

Mother’s Day on the Outer Banks is a lot like it is everywhere else in this country—there’s flowers and gifts, special brunches and wonderful dinners. It is that one day set  aside to thank someone who truly has made a difference in our lives.

The key, of course, is figuring out just what Mom wants. It’s entirely possible that all she really wants is to dig her toes into the sand, read a book and work on her tan. 

On the off chance that Mom may want to go surfing today . . . well, not the best day for it. With a dome of high pressure sitting over us and a light offshore breeze, we’ll just describe it as a great day to go wading with the kids.

Nonetheless, this is a great place to be on Mother’s Day and from all of us, here at Brindley Beach, we hope every mother has a special day today.

One quick note—they ran the 31st Annual Yuengling Nags Head Woods 5k. Jessica Jennings from Kitty Hawk took first place in the women’s division with a winning time of 20:02.