So it seems Paul Charron from Full Moon Cafe in Manteo has now entered the Outer Banks brewpub scene.

Actually, Paul has been brewing his English and Irish styled beers for some time, but over the summer, he finally started producing enough to place a couple of kegs in some local restaurants and bars. We’re not sure about the whole list, but from what we can gather his beer is on tap at Trio, Red Drum and Lone Cedar Cafe. 

That makes three really good brewpubs on the Outer Banks—Full Moon, Outer Banks Brewing Station and Weeping Radish.

Weeping Radish was the first . . . actually the first in the state . . . and it’s not really on the Outer Banks anymore, since Ule Beniwitz moved his operation to Jarvisburg. But he gets a pass on that since he started in Manteo and his signature beer, Corolla Gold, is pretty easy to find.

The Brewing Station is probably the best known of all of them. Fantastic food, excellent beer with some very interesting experimentation going on. Hard to pick out a favorite there, but the LemonGrass Wheat beer is very refreshing on a hot day.