The Muse Originals OBX Bus.

The Muse Originals OBX Bus.

Going into her third year at Muse Originals OBX, Ami Hill was pretty optimistic. Her store next to Art’s Place on the Beach Road had done pretty well it’s first two years. She had around 75 Outer Banks artists that she was representing in her store, so she was thinking 2020 would be a good year.

That was before COVID-19 and the beach shut down on March 16. And when it did shut down, Ami knew the old way of doing business was going to have to change.

She thought about it for a bit, and came up with and came up with an idea that was creative and, well, fun.

Rather than renew her lease, she went out and bought an 26 year old school bus. Took it home, painted it a bright coral and white, took out the seats and brought into being a roving art gallery.

Meanwhile she started emailing every restaurant and business where she thought there was room to park her bus. The new owners at the Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk answered almost right away, so now the Ami and the Muse Originals OBX bus is there two to three days a week.

The bus, though, is on the move. It’s going to be at the Brewing Station Brew and Arts for the next few Mondays. She has also taken the show on the road to the Currituck Club, and she has mentioned that there are a few other spots where the bus may appear.

The art that Ami displays is a wonderful mix of jewelry, potters, prints and original paintings. Weather permitting there will be a few tables outside the bus with smaller items—especially jewelry and potters—displayed.

Inside it really is like a miniature gallery with ordinal art lining the sides of the bus. And jewelry and pottery, which she did mention are her best selling items.

Ami Hill’s creative approach to her business is one of the things we treasure most about our local businesses. It’s part of what makes the  Outer Banks such a great place to visit. Plan your getaway and book your vacation rental today!