NCDOT Photo of NC 12 at Rodanthe S Curves. Road is open but note standing water at top right of image.

NCDOT Photo of NC 12 at Rodanthe S Curves. Road is open but note standing water from the Atlantic Ocean at top right of image.

At long last they did it. NCDOT finally has the road open and useable open on Pea Island and the north end of Ocracoke. It’s been a struggle this time around having nothing to do with any Atlantic Ocean storm coming anywhere close to the Outer Banks.

Hurricane Teddy is the culprit in this case, although the storm did not act alone.

There is nothing brewing in the Atlantic Ocean right now, but this has been a very active season to date. We know that because NOAA has run out of names for storms and is using the Greek alphabet now.

For the past week the Atlantic Ocean has been pounding Outer Banks beaches. There has not been any significant damage to building, though. Nothing north of Oregon Inlet was damages as far as we know. There may have been some minor damage on the north end of Buxton, however.

It was certainly inconvenient. Especially for anyone living on Hatteras or Ocracoke Islands hoping to get to the mainland.

NCDOT Gets Hero Award

If there is are any heroes in this, it has got to be the NCDOT crews who worked through the night to get NC 12 reopened. It’s still not perfect. There is still some sand on the road and some standing salt water in places. Still with some caution, the roads are drivable.

This has been a very odd event. Probably the closest that any storm event we have seen on the Outer Banks that comes close to this would be the Halloween Storm of 1991. Most people probably know that event from the movie “The Perfect Storm,” but around here the sun was out, no rain, but days of high surf flooded everything from Kitty Hawk to Hatteras.

We have got some beautiful fall days forecast for the next week or so. A lot of sunshine, mild temperatures and the surf is calming down. What are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to visit the Outer Banks a stay a week with Brindley Beach Vacations.