The Mid Currituck Bridge is back in the news.

The $489 million dollar project to build a toll bridge spanning Currituck Sound may be moving forward according to reporting in the Elizabeth City Daily Advance.

According to the reporting, Currituck County Manager Dan Scanlon was advised by NCDOT that a Record of Decision (ROD) will be issued in October of this year and that construction could begin as soon as 2020. If it does begin at that time, the timetable would call for a 2024 opening.

This all comes with a number of caveats. 

The NCDOT website indicates the ROD will be issued in late summer of fall of 2018. Since we’re almost out of summer, fall seems most likely.

The ROD is an important document, outlining the scope of the project. Until a ROD is issued, construction contracts cannot be awarded. 

However, the ROD is also the signal for lawsuits and there is concern about the project from a number of environmental groups. Some of their concerns about the cost and whether there are viable alternatives that could give relief to the summer weekend traffic problems on the Outer Banks are shared by some local organizations.

Nonetheless, if the reporting is accurate and NCDOT has informed Currituck County of a specific timetable, it would indicate the long-delayed project to alleviate traffic woes may be moving forward.