The view from Kitty Hawk Pier on Wednesday morning.

That was a heck of a nor’easter we just experienced. Huge wave, some ocean over wash, lots of rain . . . there was even a juvenile humpback whale that washed up on the Corolla beach, got pulled back out to sea and brought back to Duck where it was laid to rest. That’s a pretty rare event anywhere and most of us can’t remember any humpback whales being washed ashore along the Outer Banks.

The storm is gone and good riddance to it. It seemed to move pretty quickly up the coast once it made up its mind to get moving, but it sure took it’s good old time about heading north. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were not the best of days. Winds from the NE at 25mph, spitting rain, the waves were coming in at 10-15’ . . . a typical nor’easter, although once again the folks down on Hatteras Island were cut off when the ocean breached the dunes on NC 12

And then it passes, we clean up, scrape the roads clear of sand, push the sand back on the dunes and life pretty much returns to normal.

Today was a nice day, although the surf was still running very high. Sunshine in the morning, a few clouds in the afternoon, temperature cool, but not that cold. Back to normal.