We’ve managed to string together a couple of really beautiful days here on the Outer Banks—actually a couple of weeks of beautiful weather, and if traffic on the Bypass is any indication, we’re finally kicking off the last traces of the winter doldrums.

The event schedule is really beginning to pick up. For our visitors on the north end of the beach, this Saturday, May 25 it’s Buck’s Beach Blast at the Whalehead Club up in Corolla.

A shag and beach music blast—or is that extravaganza—some of the big names from the 1960’s and 70s will be there including the Rhondels and the Embers. The name of the event, Buck’s Beach Blast, is a wonderful tribute to Buck Thorton who passed away this past year.

Buck was instrumental in saving the Whalehead Club and making it the extraordinary attraction it is today.  Embedded in the poster is his classic line, “It’s always a great day on the Outer Banks.”

After Buck’s Beach Blast, the Whalehead Club keeps things going with their first Wednesday Wine Festival of the season. It’s a beautiful setting, two local wineries are on hand to pour samples—and their wines are surprisingly good—and there are activities for kids as well. 

That’s not the only entertainment for the weekend. There’s another shag party on Sunday in Mateo—the Shallowbag Shag Beach Music Festival. The Embers will be at that one as well.