The Buds and Suds Team winning entry takes flight.

They came, they flew, they conquered the air. Yes, that’s right, the Buds and Suds team proved conclusively that beer can fly.

OK, maybe not beer…maybe a 1/6 keg of beer, but that doesn’t detract from the 65’ flight that set a new BrewTag world record.

Yesterday, Saturday, was windy with a cool breeze blowing from the northwest, but that did not keep the crowds from coming out. We didn't get an official count, but it looked as though about 2000 people were on hand for the 2nd Annual BrewTag at the Event Site in Nags Head.

Fifteen teams were competing this year, haling from all over the region—Hampton Roads, Edenton, and of course, the Outer Banks. And it was a local team that one, a team of former hang gliding instructors who built a giant hang glider, suspended the keg beneath it and let it go from the top of the 25’ tower.

And it was a beautiful flight—so impressive that for one brief moment the crowd seemed stunned into silence, followed by wild cheering.

It was actually the second long flight of the day. A little before the Buds and Suds team set the new world’s record and Virginia Beach team soared over 50’ which would have been enough by a considerable margin to win last year.

Sporsored by Kitty Hawk Kites, BrewTag is a fundraiser for the Rogallo Foundation, a nonprofit whose goal is to tell the story of Francis Rogallo, the inventor of the Rogallo Wing that is used in hang gliders and many stunt kites and is the basis for paragliders and modern parachutes.