Sunset from Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head.

The Outer Banks is of course known for it amazing beaches and everything that goes with that—sun, sand. surf and a wonderful sunrise.

The Outer Banks though, because they are barrier islands—ribbons of sand really—offer something almost no other location on the East Coast has—spectacular sunsets over water. So, to help those seeking the beauty of the sun sliding beneath the waters of the sound, anyone hoping for a perfect sunset picture and the hopelessly or hopefully romantic we offer our Brindley Beach Vacations list of great place to go for an Outer Banks Sunset. There are a lot more than this, but our list will at least get things going in the right direction.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Nags Head

Jockey’s Ridge is the highest natural dune on the East Coast and the view from the top is truly spectacular. The park offers a sunset program which is a good way to guarantee being off the dune when the park closes . . . soon after sunset.

Whalehead Club, Corolla

Pictures of sunset at the Whalehead Club have become iconic images of the beauty of the Outer Banks. Beautiful and romantic.

Either Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head or Aqua Restaurant and Spa in Duck

Totally undecided about which soundside outdoor restaurant offers the best view of the sound we have made the decision we’ll leave it up to the consumer. Both are great places to have a drink, get a bite to eat and listen to live music as the sun sets in the west.

Moore Shore Road/Windgrass Circle. Kitty Hawk

Paralleling Kitty Hawk Bay, Moore Shore Road intersects Kitty Hawk Road and starts as a residential street, but as soon as it crosses a creek, Kitty Hawk Bay opens up for an unobstructed view to the west. The road leads to a multi-use path that ends at Windgrass Circle. The town of Kitty Hawk maintains a short boardwalk that leads to the sound offering what may be the best sunset view around. The town does put a gate up at the beginning of Windgrass at sunset, so don’t get trapped.