The day started a little bit cold and windy, but the Annual Big Curri-Shuck at the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg up in Currituck County heated up really nicely.

It’s a simple concept that John Wright, owner of Sanctuary Vineyards came up with. Steam as many oysters as a 1000 people or so can eat, make sure there’s some crab to go with it…throw in some pulled pork barbecue and have a party.

Include some wine tasting from the vineyard, which is located on the Cotton Gin property, make sure there’s a wide selection of locally brewed beer on hand and what could be better?

The first Saturday after Thanksgiving for the past five or six years, the Big Curri-Shuck has been a part of the Outer Banks holiday weekend and it would be tough to come up with a better way to welcome December.

What makes this a particularly nice event—beyond the local oysters, crab, which are supplied by I Got Your Crabs, and barbecue is the music—this year, Croatan Highway and the Dave Cynar Band—and how family friendly the event is. 

Yes, there is beer and wine, but kids are welcome, there are hayrides all day long and it really does seem as though the whole family can have a great time at the Big Curri-Shuck.

It is an outdoor event, so there is no telling what the weather will do. This year it was on the cool side with a north wind at noon when things began, but the wind died down, and put enough people together in a tent, even a large one and things aren’t bad at all. 

Add lots and lots of steamed oysters, and it’s a great time for everyone.