Multi-use path on the south end of Duck.

Multi-use path on the south end of Duck.

One of the best features of the Outer Banks is, it’s possible to do a lot of exploring and never sit in a car. From South Nags Head almost to Corolla there are interconnected multi-use paths that are perfect for biking, running, walking—just about anything that involves being outside and moving.

There are a couple of gaps in the trails but, they are on side streets and easily navigated.

At various times we’ve written about some of the various trails.

What Are Some of the Multi-Use Trails?

The Town of Duck, as an example has gone out of their way to create separate walking and biking paths through the village.

Southern Shores has just completed a major section of their multi-use path. It’s now possible to ride from Kitty Hawk Elementary School, which is actually in Southern Shores, to East Dogwood then to NC 12.

A cautionary note, though, about the multi-use path in Southern Shores. It’s a little narrower than most paths. Watch for runners and joggers; it may be necessary to take a quick trip on the road to give them space.

The trail that runs along NC 12 goes to Duck and eventually to Corolla, although there is a little bit of that ride in Currituck County that relies on a wide shoulder instead of a path.

The ride through Kitty Hawk Woods on the Woods Road in Kitty Hawk is one of the prettiest on the Outer Banks. Riding south on the Woods Road is the route the Outer Banks Marathon takes.

That leads to Moor Shore Road, which is a short but beautiful little road that parallels Kitty Hawk Bay. Moor Shore is one of the brief interludes where there is no path, but the road is perfect for riding a bike.

One of the best ways to discover whites available for bike riders on the Outer Banks to check out the trail maps at the Outer Banks Visitors Center.

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