Team Late to Work launches their glider on it record setting flight.

Team Late to Work launches their glider on it record setting flight.

This may have been the best BrewTag yet. The annual event that attempt to prove that beer can fly had more teams and longer flights than ever.

The longest flight? An incredible 96’7” flight from the Late To Work team. Evidently although they were late to work, they used their time wisely in building their glider.

The object is for a team to build a glider that will fly an empty 1/6 keg of beer as far as possible. Launched from a 20’ tower at the Event Site in Nags Head, there were 15 teams competing this year.

This was the fifth annual event and that flight from Late To Work shattered all the old records.

Interestingly the Blue Crab Tavern team, representing the Colington Road bar and restaurant, had set a new record earlier in the day with a 66’4” flight. The joy of the team was palpable as local they raced across the field celebrating their new record.

Unfortunately for their joy, three flight later, Late To Work launched perfectly and as the glider soared across the field, there was a momentary thought that it might reach the audience.

BrewTag is a blast. Very family friendly, there are lots of things for kids to do. But for the adults, there were about a dozen breweries on hand. The music was outstanding. The weather was excellent. In short, it was a great day.

Rogallo Foundation and Ocracoke, What the day was all about

There was, though, a series side to the event.

As an event to support a nonprofit, BrewTag was originally conceived to support the Rogallo Foundation.

Francis Rogallo, with his wife Gertrude, invented the Rogallo wing that is used in hang gliding, paragliding and modern parachutes. He was a NASA engineer and the goal of the Rogallo Foundation is to preserve his papers and research. as well as publicizing his life.

This year, however, because of the ongoing tragedy in Ocracoke, half of the proceeds will be going to the Outer Banks Community Foundation’s Ocracoke Disaster Relief Fund.

At the award ceremony, President of Kitty Hawk Kites who sponsors BrewTag, mentioned this years attendance was the largest ever and he was hoping after all the expensed were paid to be able to make a very sizable donation to help Ocracoke.

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