Owners Weekend this Saturday and Sunday at our new Corolla offices.

Here at Brindley Beach we can’t thank our owners enough. Our success is because of them, the property owners who work with us to make sure that every time a visitor stays in a Brindley Beach home they want to come back year after year.

So…although can’t thank our owners enough, we sure can try, and that’s what our annual Owners Weekend is all about.

The concept is simple—and bit thank you and a party as a way to tell our property owners how much the Brindley Beach family appreciates them

Last year Hurricane Matthew threw a monkey wrench in our plans. We were still able to have our Saturday evening event, although it did become a combination thank you and hurricane party.

This year the weather is looking fantastic so there is no excuse for not being here.

Here’s our schedule of event, which is a bit different than the past few years, because our new offices opened in June.

Saturday, October 7 is our thank you evening at our new office in Corolla. Same location but, for anyone who hasn’t seen what he did when we had a chance to redo our building—let’s just say it will be a very pleasant surprise.

Doug Brindley’s wife, Joan, did an amazing job on interior design, furnishings and accessories. Her architectural ideas led to the Colonial British design of the building. Worth a trip just to see it, but the food from Metoropolis in Corolla, full open bar and a live band, give good reasons to stay. That’s from 6-11 on Saturday.

Then on Sunday also at our offices, from 2-4 p.m. we have 4000 oysters to consume and 12 craft beers to try. It’s a tough task, but someone has to do it.  Growlers to go, too—we don’t want anything to go to waste.

And as a footnote to all of this, this is our 25th Annual Owners Weekend.