Now that we’ve reviewed the year just past, it’s time to go where few dare to tread and make our Brindley Beach Vacations Predictions for 2016.

Outer Banks Economy Continues to Shine

We’re coming off what appears to be the best year we’ve ever had on the Outer Banks. The final numbers aren’t in yet, but it would be hard to see how new records in visitation and spending won’t be set. The housing market is also back on it’s feet and healthy again.

A New 5K world record

Blazing around the Lighthouse 5K course in record time, Clem Kadiddlehopper, sets a new 5K World Record of 12:30. Astonished that anyone would put that amount of effort into what is designed as a pleasant early morning run, competitors and race officials are left scratching their heads.

Held Wednesday mornings from July 13 to August 31, the Lighthouse 5K is a cooperative effort between Brindley Beach Vacations and Outer Banks Runcations.

SELC Files Mid Currituck Bridge Law Suit

The same environmental law firm—the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC)—who held up the Bonner Bridge for so long, has been seeking documents relating to the Mid Currituck Bridge. With a construction start date of 2017, the time seems right for a lawsuit.

Beach Nourishment Begins

The towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills have entered into an interlocal agreement with Dare County to nourish their beaches. For Kitty Hawk, it is particularly critical as the Beach Road has been washed out twice in the past year just north of the Black Pelican Restaurant.

New Brindley Beach Corolla Offices Completed by September

When our Corolla office burned to the ground in June, the Brindley Beach staff really stepped up and did an amazing job to keep things rolling. Most of our staff is in our Duck office, and it looks like we’re gong to have to keep things going through another summer with our Duck office. But we’re ready to spread out once again and if things go as planned, we’ll have a new and improved office in Corolla as the summer ends.

Hoping for a story about impending doom on the Outer Banks, network TV sends ace reporters to various towns. A week of investigation turns up no shark attacks and warm weather with a south breeze. Reporters return home with a glowing tan, a love for the Outer Banks and no story.