With the new year just beginning, it’s a good time to plan for the changes that will make 2013 an even better year than 2012. One area to consider for rental property owners is whether your property management company is meeting your expectations.
The Outer Banks is a very competitive market and there are some very good property management companies out there. Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we believe we are the best, and for anyone who owns rental property on the Outer Banks and would like to know all your options, we would like you to consider what Brindley Beach has to offer.
Of course, if you do not currently own property and are thinking of purchasing a home, we are your one stop resource with award winning real estate agents and the best property management on the Outer Banks.
We keep things simple, because, when you come right down to it, folks are coming to the Outer Banks for the most basic reason in the world –a chance to get away from the confusion and noise back home.
That’s why our company mission statement has been reduced to four words: “Service first . . . Fun always.”
Translating that simple statement into a thriving business, though, is where the professionalism and skills of the Brindley Beach Vacations staff sets us apart.
We love what we do and we take it personally–an attitude that starts at the top. President and CEO, Doug Brindley, has a straightforward saying that everyone in the company knows. “Don’t get frustrated, get Doug,” he says. If a home owner needs to speak with Doug, employees know his cell phone number. His home phone is a listed number and he believes that the best way to help owners and visitors have a better experience is to be available when they need him.
Brindley Beach Vacations is one of the largest property management companies on the Outer Banks, and we built our business with a strong, well-orchestrated marketing campaign that focuses our message in key markets. 
Our website is easy to navigate, and with over 120,000 friends on Facebook, Brindley Beach has more friends than any other real estate company in the United State.  
Although online marketing will continue to be expand and become ever more important to telling our story, print media remains a valuable way to target our message. We advertise in 350 print publication weekly in our primary markets, insuring that visitors to the Outer Banks know about the advantages of renting a Brindley Beach Vacations home.
Our employees understand the importance of professionalism. We answer our phones personally, and have a policy of same day service on all maintenance calls. We believe in getting things done the right way the first time and we believe in getting it done quickly.
There are little touches that we add that we believe make our guests a little happier and little more likely to think first of Brindley Beach Vacations when they plan their next Outer Banks vacation.
It is a small thing, but we make sure that every bathroom has toilet paper. We also provide two full bath towels for every guest–and we are the only property management company on the Outer Banks to do so.
Small courtesies, perhaps, but an important part of the idea that every employee that works for Brindley Beach Vacations understands: “Service first . . . Fun always.”