We'll hope the kilts are wool this year. The forecast calls for temperatures in the low 40s with a north wind.

For 27 years the Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade has gone off as scheduled. This year? The 28th Annual? It was looking pretty sketchy right up until yesterday.

The forecast was calling for snow (!) and more than a dusting with winds gusting into the 25-30 mph range. Luckily either the atmospheric conditions changed or forecasters came to their sense and it now looks like this Sunday—the Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade day—is going to be just cold with a north breeze.

So…break out the mittens, put on an extra pair of sox, bundle up and get a hot drink in you hands, and head down to Nags Head for the parade. 

The Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the whackiest, most enjoyable parades around. There are a couple of high school bands that always march; there’s dogs; there’s the pushmepullya car—a two-headed car that seems to take an engineering degree to drive; and all of that is just a small part of what make this such a wonderful parade.

It is the perfect celebration of the Outer Banks community and small town life. 

A few thousand people always line the parade route from its beginning at Bladen Street and the Beach Road north to Driftwood Street. What is remarkable how many friends and acquaintances seem to pop up everywhere along the route.

And after the parade, there’s another celebration at Kelly’s—free hot dogs and entertainment. Perfect for kids and the whole family.