Wishing everyone the very best of the season. Pictured, Whalehead Club in the snow.

Wishing everyone the very best of the season. Pictured, Whalehead Club in the snow.

It’s late on Christmas Eve and maybe all the children are nestled all warm in their beds, but more likely, the kids on the Outer Banks are pretty much like kids everywhere. If their eyes are closed they’re faking it.

Because Christmas Eve, for children everywhere, is a time of anticipation and dreams of what may be possible.

Holiday Traditions on the Outer Banks

The holiday season is magical no matter where you may go. Here on the Outer Banks it’s a time of tradition and family. But actually that’s the way it is almost everywhere.

There are the Christmas parades and Santa coming out to greet all the children. There spectacular displays of holiday lights. Families make a point of gathering here. Some, of course, live here and the scattered children come home for a few days. Other families have created their own tradition of traveling here to celebrate Christmas.

The Christmas and Chanukah overlap each other this year. That doesn’t always happen, but they fall very close to one another this year.

The first night of Chanukah was Sunday evening—the holiday begins at sunset. The 29th will be the last day of the eight day Festival of Lights.

There are traditions that have become a part of Outer Banks life with that holiday as well, with families gathering to enjoy time together on the first night of the Chanukah.

That really is what this holiday time of year is all about. It’s a time for families to gather together; for friends to renew friendships and to celebrate those things that are the best of who we are.

The anticipation of the kids as they try to sleep on Christmas Eve is partly wondering what that fat, jolly old elf will bring. But equally it’s the joy of family, of spending time with an older brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, or grandparents.

It is that—the joy of family and friends that is truly the blessing of the season and it is with that thought that we here at Brindley Beach Vacations wish everyone a very merry Christmas.