At the Poulos Christmas Lights in Kill Devil Hills. An Outer Banks holiday treat for over 30 years.

It’s Christmas Eve. A special day…a day filled with anticipation—especially for our children. Yet it is also a day to take a moment and think about what the season and holiday truly means.

In the rushing about trying to get everything done that becomes so much a part of life leading up to Christmas, it seems the meaning of the day and the season can be lost.

There is, of course, the celebration of the birth of Christ, where the holiday gets its name; yet beyond that, there is a belief in the goodness of the human spirit that transcends any one religion—that kindness, generosity and a giving spirit are an important part of who we are.

This year we had a remarkable example of what it means to have a giving and generous spirit.

The Poulos family, along the road to Nags Head Woods in Kill Devil Hills, have created one of the most amazing Christmas light displays imaginable and for the past 30 years or so, it has been as much a part of the Outer Banks Christmas as the Manteo Tree Lighting or Santa Claus.

It was a difficult year for the family, though. Ann Poulos, the mother, passed away in August. One of her wishes, however, was that the Christmas lights would still be a part of the Outer Banks holidays. The family, working with the community made sure that this year’s Christmas lights were everything they were supposed to be.

There may even have been a new display, although there is so much to see, it’s difficult to tell.

A visit to the Poulos Christmas Lights is a joyous affair. The kids are so excited by everything there is to see—and making it even better, Santa is usually on hand as well. Parents seem to spend half their time trying to rein in their children and the other half laughing with them or showing them something else to see.

It has always been a special place to visit and this year, perhaps, it has a little more meaning. We may forget sometimes how much a simple act of giving or generosity can mean, but there it is for all to see, lighting up the sky and proclaiming, “This is the true meaning of Christmas.”

From the Brindley Beach family to all of the many friends we have made over the years, may your Christmas be filled with joy a good memories. Click here to learn more about our Holiday Rentals in Outer Banks!