The Poulos house on Ocean Acres Drive in Kill Devil Hills may be one of the best parts of an Outer Banks Christmas. Every year for more than 40 years the Poulos family has created a wonderland of light and Christmas spirit.
It’s a little bit out of the way, tucked away on Ocean Acres just before the entrance to Nags Head Woods, but it’s a trip worth taking. Turn at Pigman’s Barbecue–there’s a light at the intersection. Stay on Ocean Acres as it bends to the right and goes up a hill. The pavement ends and there it is, an amazing fantasy of light and joy.
It may be necessary to park a little ways from the property, but it’s worth the walk. There’s hot chocolate waiting by the fire, Santa Claus shows up just about every night and the wonder of seeing an acre or so of holiday lights–there’s even a menorah  as part of the decoration–and 75 or 100 moms, dads and kids filled with the spirit of the season is worth a little extra effort.


There is usually a collection jar by the fire. Put a dollar of two in . . . it all goes to paying the electric bill for the month.