Sometimes it takes a kids show to bring out the child in us as a reminder about what’s important. The Rainbow Puppet’s production at Roanoke Island Festival Park on Saturday is one of those shows.

Fast-paced, it’s colorful, the puppets are cute; but mostly it’s about imagination and the childlike wonder of Christmas.

The story is a retelling of “The Night Before Christmas” and it’s really nice that  voice for the show is Mickey Rooney who recorded the poem for a year before he passed away in 2014.

It wasn’t a very long show—about 45 minutes, which is about right for children in the 3-10 year old range. The puppeteers also broke the show up a little bit, coming out after short introductory skit to take about the puppets and give a little history, noting that the first puppets were hand shadows.

Grandpa—who looks a little like an older Mickey Rooney if he had hair—narrates the story, and there’s a couple of diversions along the way. The eight reindeer are all described. The kids learned, among other things that Donner and Vixen like one another.

The Saturday show is the only one RIFP is doing this year. Too bad too, because it was a real delight. 

They do have a few activities scheduled between now and the end of the year. How to make an Elizabeth ornament is scheduled December p, 16 and 30, and Elizabethan Manners, 16th Century Dances and Games on December 10, 16 and 31, noting that it was a particular favorite.