Urban Soil performing at the 2017 Mustang Spring Concert.

This was a musical weekend to remember on the Outer Banks. Two great festivals back to back and if the weather wasn’t ideal, it didn’t stop the shows from going on.

Shred Fest

The Pharcyde in performance at Shred Fest.

This was he second year for Shred Fest and the idea is simple—great music, bring in a portable ramp so skateboarders, BMX bikers and anyone who wants to try can shred a little. Mix in some food and drink and the event is an instant success.

Saturday was cold. It started warm but that didn’t last long and by the time Pharcyde took the stage at 7:30 it was downright chilly at the Nags Head Event Site.

But if the outside temperature was chilly, Pharcyde was on fire. An international touring troupe based in Los Angeles, Pharcyde takes hiphop to a whole new level, with incredible mixing of classic songs…everything from big band to modern…a literate words to go with the sounds. A great show with a lot of energy.

Early in the day, it was Southern Culture on the Skids. S.C.O.T.U.S. is as different from Pharcyde as a group of musicians can be, but both are amazing stand alone acts and to have two shows of this caliber on one day was amazing.

Maybe the best part of Shred Fest is that is all for local charities—special Olympics, the Mustang Music Outreach Program and local veterans needs.

Mustang Spring Jam

London Souls. Two musicians but a wall of sound.

For six years, Mike Dianna has been bringing the Mustang Spring Jam to Corolla and one thing if for sure—Mike Dianna knows how to put on a show.

The shows always begin with performances from the kids in the Mustang Music Program and this year for the first time some of the students will be graduating from high school. The show those kids put on was professional level in every sense of the word.

There are always some hidden or maybe unexpected gems in Mike’s Mustang Music shows and the 2017 version was no exception.

The headliners, London Souls and Big Something were every bit as good as advertised, but Urban Soil, hailing from Raleigh may have stolen the show.

Incredibly diverse sound, but tight musically with a very different sound to their arrangements.

And kudos to local band the Ramble. The group just formed about two months ago but they’re already playing some of their own material. Great vocals from Graham Outten with talented musicians everywhere in the band. Truly worth checking out when on the Outer Banks.

Proceeds from Mustang festivals go to the Mustang Music Program and the Corolla Wild Horse FundClick here and check out our awesome short term rentals in Outer Banks!