For anyone who has visited Corolla in the summer and hasn’t been back since, it’s probably difficult to picture the northern end of the Outer Banks as anything other than a bustling hub of activity. The truth is, though, the permanent population is somewhere between 500-600 spread out over 10 or 12 miles of beach and in the winter the village takes on the trappings of small town America–life centered around school, intimate gatherings and small celebrations.
Although most of the population are retired couples, there are a few families with children and the addition of the Waters Edge Village Charter School has created almost an old time Corolla feel where life centers around the school and Whalehead Club.
Waters Edge opened last year as a K-6 school in the old Corolla Schoolhouse. Without the school, kids would be facing two to three hours on a bus everyday, a tough choice for parents to make. With the school and families in the village, Corolla seems much more of a community,
Most of the activities are taking place at the Whalehead Club where they are bringing the elegance of the original owners,  Edward Collins Knight and his wife, Marie through their Christmas in Corolla candlelight tours.