A stallion of the Corolla Wild Mustang herd being runoff by another stallion. Scars from previous encounters can be seen on the flanks of the stallion.

The Wild Corolla Mustangs are beautiful and seem to be a wonderful part of life on the Currituck Banks. One very important fact to remember, though, is although they may be beautiful or magnificent, they are not gentle creatures. They’re not mean or cruel…they are just not gentle. We just came across a report from a resident of Carova of two stallions attacking one another. Wild stallions regularly fight over mares and territory. 

When Stallions Fight- Wild Corolla Mustangs

It’s a scary spectacle. When stallions fight, with their neighs ring loud in anger, they bite and their hoofs are used to attack. The Wild Corolla Mustangs are considered smaller horses, but 800 pounds of enraged horse doesn’t seem so small when it’s witnessed. Luckily, in spite of the violence of their encounters, the fights very rarely result in life threatening injuries. A report like this, however, does underscore how important it is to remain 50’ from the horses at all times. That is the Currituck County ordinance. Although often though of as protection of the horses, it is, in fact, also protection for people. County police do enforce the ordinance. We do want to emphasize that the horses in no way pose a danger to people. We are not aware of anyone being injured by the Wild Corolla Mustangs, other than people who tried to feed them and got their hands bitten. It is important to remember that the reason the herd is so remarkable is because they are living their lives as wild horses. That is a rare and precious thing in this world. They live their life free from harnesses, halters, saddles and anything else that are a part of a domestic horse’s life. They also live their lives free from what we think of as interaction with a horse.

The horses are certainly not ignoring the people that are there…it’s just that they have very different priorities.From Corolla to Nags Head, the perfect Outer Banks vacation awaits at Brindley Beach Vacations.