Corolla Wild Horses walking along NC12 in Corolla. Photo, Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Corolla Wild Horses walking along NC12 in Corolla. Photo, Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Corolla Wild Horses slipped around their Carova fence and made a beeline for the green, green grass of Corolla lawns yesterday.

Perhaps it’s a right of passage for the herd although they all seem to gather to do it every year. Sometimes it’s just one or two. This year it looked to be 10 or 12 our them.

What happens is winter sets in with its strong, steady northeast winds. The winds push the waters of Currituck Sound away from the shore. And the horses, being pretty smart animals, notice the fence that keeps them north of the paved roads, only goes so far into the sound.

So the horses walk around. A classic example of the grass is greener on the other sids. And in this case, with manicured lawns, even in the winter, the grass seems tastier than the seagrass that is their regular diet..

But it could be dangerous

It’s kind of fun and funny, and maybe a little bit cute. Unfortunately the trip to the green grass of Corolla can be dangerous.

The reason the herd was moved to Carova and a fence from the sea to sound was installed was because horses were being struck by cars…and dying. And it wasn’t just one or two of them a year. More like four or five and sometimes more.

Because of that, they do need to stay on the north side of the fence.

Luckily the Corolla Wild Horse Fund has some trained people who know what to do and some great volunteers. We’re glad to report that today, Friday, the horses are back where they’re supposed to be, with no one injured.

There aren’t many places where a winter wonder are wild horses walking by a home. It’s just one of the many things that make a visit to the Outer Banks something special.

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