Plenty of fresh local crabs at Crabdaddy.

One thing we know—Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg sure knows how to throw a party. We know that because every time they do, everyone has a great time.

That’s why we’re so excited about CrabDaddy coming up Saturday, September 23. 

The concept is pretty simple…lots and lots of crabs steamed fresh…lots meaning all you can eat. Pair that with some of the great wines that Sanctuary Vineyards is turning out or maybe a beer or three and it’s a great day to be celebrate whatever your in the mood to celebrate.

Oh…and the music this year has really been stepped up. Sensi Trails, a local reggae band that does a great job will be on hand, but the show stopper has to be Zack Mexico coming by just before they take off on their European tour. 

Zack Mexico is on the cusp of breaking out onto the next level. Made up of Outer Banks musicians who went through school together, their sound is definitely hard rock, but hard rock done really well.

One of the nice features of any Sanctuary Vineyards event is that it’s geared toward families. There are hayrides for the kids and plenty of other things for them to do.

Tickets are $40, and if they haven’t been purchased yet, it’s a good idea to get some as quickly as possible. There is a lime on how many tickets are sold, and for the past couple of years, Crabdaddy has sold out.

Sanctuary Vineyards is immediately adjacent to the Cotton Gin, 11 miles north or the Wright Memorial Bridge.