The grape stomping contest is a highlight of the CrabDaddy Olympics.

The grape stomping contest is a highlight of the CrabDaddy Olympics.

The premise of CrabDaddy is simple. Eat a lot of crab. The good stuff. The crab that was caught locally and steamed just before it gets to the table.

Based on that criteria, CrabDaddy at Sanctuary Vineyards on Saturday was roaring success. There was plenty of crab and a lot of people.

Making it better, and with no clear idea what’s better than “roaring success,” the weather was perfect, the setting beautiful, and the music was wonderful.

Even better, for those who may not like crab all that much, or may tire after a bit of picking, there was a local pitmaster smoking some of the best eastern North Carolina pulled pork with fresh hush puppies and homemade slaw.

The drinks? Wine from Sanctuary Vineyards, local beers on tap, soda and water for the kids. The setting? Under the towering pines on the north lawn of the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg, about 11 miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Folks, it just doesn’t get much better than this, and if you missed this year’s CrabDaddy, plan on being there for the 2020 version.

What CrabDaddy is all about

Beyond the idyllic setting and great food, what CrabDaddy is all about is a celebration of the harvest. Part of that are the crabs that I Got Your Crabs down in Kitty Hawk supplies.

But it’s also a celebration of the grape harvest. Sanctuary Vineyards is a working winery—their wines are not bad at all. They plant a number of grapes and one of them is the local muscadine grape—as sweet and tasty a grape as there could be.

In the spirit of the season, every year, along with a number of other contests, CrabDaddy brings out the quarter barrel with a spigot, fills it full of muscadines and holds a grape stomping contest.

For the record, it’s fun, funny and oh, is it a sticky mess.

And perfect for the day.

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