Currituck Banks Reserve, boardwalk trail.

Currituck Banks Reserve, boardwalk trail.

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get out and explore and discover what makes the Outer Banks such a wonder of nature.

Of course the beach is always calling, but there is another side to the Outer Banks that has its own charm and deserves some quality time.

About a mile north of the Village of Corolla, the Currituck Banks Reserve is a wonderful example of the beauty and diversity of the maritime forests of the Outer Banks.

There is a very small parking lot for the reserve. Heading north from Corolla, look for a very sharp right turn in the road. The parking lot will be on the left.

The reserve has a boardwalk and a very easily navigated trail. Both lead to Currituck Sound. There will be a gate with a board walk behind it. Please insure that the gate is closed after opening it. the Currituck Banks Reserve is part of the protected area for the Corolla Wild Horses and they do wander through the forest occasionally.

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is handicap accessible 3 mile stroll to Currituck Sound. It is stunning in its beauty.

Crossing swamp and marsh, the towering loblolly and longleaf pine dominate the forest. In the marsh look for red maple, cedar and sweet gum.

At the end of the boardwalk there is a wide pier with a panoramic view of Currituck Sound.

Especially in spring and summer, wildflowers create an extraordinary mosaic of colors.

The Maritime Forest Trail

About a 100 yards past the gate on the boardwalk, there will be a sign for the Maritime Forest Trail a 1.5 mile trail—.75 miles each way—that takes hikers through a spectacular live oak forest. In fact, we do not know of anything else quite like it on the Outer Banks.

Woodpeckers, if not seen, will certainly be heard on this trail. Robins and crows are most common, but vireo and wrens are also regularly spotted. And, of course, an occasional squirrel.

This is a very easily navigated trail, suitable for anyone seven years of age and up.

Mid May through September, insect repellant is strongly recommended.

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