Erin Fleckstein and her oyster gown.

Erin Fleckstein and her oyster gown.

There are some remarkably strong women on the Outer Banks. The March Dare County Arts Council exhibit, Women Warriors – Past, Present, Future, brings that to life.

Created by photographer Anne Snapes Parsons, the exhibit features 36 women. Twelve who have made history, 12 who are making a difference right now and 12 young women who may yet make a difference in the world.

Don’t miss this remarkable show at the DCAC.

What Anne has done is use her portraiture skills as a photographer to highlight the best features of the women. And then she adorns them in clothing that symbolizes their contributions.

The women that are featured have made a difference in the our lives on the Outer Banks.

The Women of the Outer Banks

Tess Judge, who was married to Councilman Warren Judge, has been a force for change on the Outer Banks for years. Meghan Agresto is the Lighthouse Keeper at the Currituck Beach Lighthouse for the Outer Banks Conservationists. She also was a driving force behind Water’s Edge Village School, the charter school in Corolla.

Dare County has been extraordinarily successful in controlling the outbreak of COVID in our community. And with vaccines now available, the rollout has been flawless. That is immeasurably due to Health Director Sheila Davies.

Perhaps the most striking transformation of a woman in the image is the portrait of

Erin Fleckenstein, Coastal Scientist at the Manteo office of the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Erin has been in the forefront of bringing oysters back to the Outer Banks sounds as well as a number of other initiatives that have benefitted northeast North Carolina.

In a tribute to her work with oysters though, Parsons had her in a form fitting gown that flares to oyster shells in a flowing pattern falling to the floor. Striking and appropriate.

The Women Warriors – Past, Present, Future exhibit will run through March at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in downtown Manteo.

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