First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills, one of the schools that make up the outstanding Dare County School District.

First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills, one of the schools that make up the outstanding Dare County School District.

It’s time to brag about living here. The Dare County School District was just ranked sixth in the state by Niche, a research company that evaluates places to live, schools, neighborhoods and the workplace.

Ask any parent who live is Dare County, which is Duck to Hatteras, and they’ll agree—the local school system does do an outstanding job.

This is not a ranking by North Carolina Department of Education, rather Niche is a private firm that takes a look at schools as part of their mission.

What’s interesting, though, about how Niche goes about their evaluation is they look at a number of factors, not just test scores that is the traditional way of evaluating a school’s performance.

There is still a lot of emphasis placed on academics, which include test scores, but other factors are also included.

As an example, in the Niche system, Dare County Schools received an A- in academics but our teachers received an A. There are, of course, many who would claim academics should be an A, but that’s a debate for another day.

How Dare County Supports Its Schools

The teacher grade is really no surprise. This community has consistently put programs and money into place to support teachers.

County commissioners have consistently supported the school district by increasing teacher salaries and helping to build new schools.

One of their most recent and exciting commitments is to set aside $200,000 in scholarship money so that any student who graduates from a Dare County public school can go to the College of the Albemarle, the local community college.

There is also tremendous support from the community at large. The Dare Education Foundation was originally created to build affordable housing for new teachers. The DEF manages apartment complexes in Kill Devil Hills and Hatteras Island for that purpose. It has been an invaluable tool in recruitment.

The DEF also supports teachers through grants that help them continue their education. They hand out thousands of dollars a year in classroom grants to improve the classroom experience.

The Outer Banks is a wonderful place to live. There is a remarkable sense of community here. That sense of community is reflected in how good our school system is.

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