The Eastern Surf Association turns 50 50 this year. The ESA, as it’s known is one of the largest if not the largest amateur surfing organization in the US. Every year they hold a series of competitions culminating in late September with the ESA Finals held at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

There is, of course, regional competitions as well, and those are spring events. The Mid Atlantic Regionals are being held this weekend at Jennette’s Pier.

Somehow they managed to get the first day of completion in today, but how that was done is a bit of a mystery. We had high winds—25-30 mph at times, choppy surf with waves running head high with some taller sets. And there were intermittent thunder storms.

But they did manage to get most of the heats in.

Saturday and Sunday are looking much better. The air temperature will be on the cool side, the daytime highs will struggle to get to 70, but the sun should be out both days. Ocean temperatures are still a chilly 55-60, but the expectation is for much better conditions over the rest of the weekend.

For the landlubbers there are a couple of other events coming up. The Kentucky Derby at the Elizabethan Gardens is Saturday for 3p.m.-8 p.m. That should be fun with big hats and mint juleps.

On Sunday the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players bring HMS Pinafore to the Outer Banks courtesy of the Don and Catharine Bryan Cultural Series. The show will be at First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills.