Dimensions, the latest film by Manteo's Logan Marshall will debut August 3.

Dimensions, the latest film by Manteo’s Logan Marshall will debut August 3.

Logan Marshall seems like a pretty normal kid. Well, a young adult now since he graduated from Manteo High School last year.

He would be pretty normal except something happens when he gets a video camera in his hand when there’s a good break and surfers are on the water. That’s when something clicks and what may be a form of creative genius comes to the fore.

Although only 18, Logan Marshall has already produced two surf films—Limitless a 20 minute short that won a number of awards when it premiered in 2017, and Outer a feature-length film that explored the history of the Outer Banks surf culture.

Dimension Premier of Logan Marshall

This Saturday at the Pioneer Theater in Manteo, his third film, Dimensions will premier.

The one-minute teaser certainly has all the elements of his previous films—the great shots of some of the best surfers around doing some insane things in waves. It is a surf film—that’s what he does. However, from some brief remarks Logan Marshall made, this one seems to be examining the surf culture along the Eastern seaboard. There is always some amazing footage in his films and his ability to blend music with the action is remarkable, so it will certainly be a movie worth checking out…

But if Dimensions is anything like his other films, especially Outer, what will make the movie compelling and even memorable, will be the interviews. At what is a relatively young age, Logan seems to understand that the most effective way to interview someone, especially on camera, is to just let them talk. That’s where the real stories lie.

We should have some good surf rolling into the Outer Banks in the next week or so. Grab your surfboard, gas up the car and make sure you’ve made your reservations with Brindles Beach Vacations.