T-Rex getting ready for his summertime appearance at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

Dinosaurs will roam the wilds of Roanoke Island once again. T-Rex and stegosaurus may be extinct everywhere else, but at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island the creatures the Jurassic age will take up residence once again. 

They were here once before—back in 2015, creating a thrilling walk along the Dinosaur path outside the Aquarium.

Fearsome they may be but they do know how to keep to a schedule and opening day for the Return of the  Dinosaurs will be Saturday, May 26. Look for them to take up residence all summer at the Aquarium, departing on September 4.

Life-sized and moving realistically, maybe they really are the real thing, something from a genetic testing, fearsome animals from some far distant past waiting their chance to walk the earth again.

Just as likely though, they’re animatronic creations that move as scientists believe they would have moved making sounds that research indicates are what they sound like.

It is a wonderful addition to the Aquarium attractions. Undergoing a massive renovation and updating of facilities last year, the Roanoke Island Aquarium includes state of the art sound and lighting systems, great exhibits of local fish and habitat that includes alligators and otters.

Located just past Manteo, adjacent to the Airport, its a great time for the entire family and truly worth a visit.