Downed power lines in the aftermath of Dorian along the Nags Head causeway.

Downed power lines in the aftermath of Dorian along the Nags Head causeway.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Dorian. The storm made landfall on Hatteras Island about 8:30 in the morning as a powerful category one storm.

But it was not the wind the did the damage, although there was plenty of that.

For Hatteras Village and Ocracoke, it was the wall of water that the wind pushed into the towns. The Coast Guard Gauge at Hatteras recorded a 7’ rise in the waters of Pamlico Sound.

On Ocracoke, it was 7’4”.

No one had ever witnessed anything like it. If there was a miracle it was that there were no lives lost.

The recovery, though, has been difficult, especially on Ocracoke Island where, for the first three months, every ferry trip represented a 5-6 hour round trip. With the highway on the north end of the island damaged, the Hatteras/Ocracoke Ferry, that normally takes one hour, became a two and a half hour ride that ended at an emergency dock in the village.

Then came COVID-19 with its restrictions on travel and housing.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the story is that a visit to Ocracoke or Hatteras shows almost no evidence of the storm’s devastation. The recovery is not complete. There are still housing issues, especially on Ocracoke, that have to be addressed, but here we are having one of the best seasons in years on the Outer Banks and our visitors are enjoying the hospitality and services they have come to expect.

Dorian Effect on Northern Outer Banks

Although the worst of the storm was the damage on the south end of Hatteras Island and Ocracoke, north Oregon Inlet didn’t get off untouched. Trees and branches littered every road. But most devastating were the telephone poles, shattered like toothpicks along the causeway to Manteo.

Manteo was without powerful a few days as crews raced to repair the damage.

Dorian notwithstanding, fall is an amazing time on the Outer Banks. Stop by and stay with us at Brindley Beach Vacations and see for yourself.