Willets on the Coquina beach, South Nags Head--one of our Brindley Beach Vacations best beaches.

Willets on the Coquina beach, South Nags Head–one of our Brindley Beach Vacations best beaches.

To know one’s surprise, once again Outer Banks beaches are on the Top Ten list from Dr. Beach. The two that have made his list this year are the National Park Service lifeguarded beaches at Cape Hatteras (#5) and Ocracoke (#3).

Those are really nice beaches. Certainly worth a visit. Especially Ocracoke which is a wonderful day trip. And we completely agree with Dr. Beach who wrote about Ocracoke, “Here you will find some of the wildest beaches in the country…Don’t expect to play golf or stay at the Ritz; the main pursuits are swimming and beachcombing.”

However, those beaches, as nice as they maybe, are really a long drive just for some time by the sea. So we thought we would write about some of our favorite beaches along the northern Outer Banks that are a lot closer to most of our Brindley Beach Vacations homes.

On the north and the south end of the northern Outer Banks there are two fantastic beaches.

The Corolla beach—just about everything south of the Carova 4WD area to the Dare County line is wonderful. Soft sand, the beach tends to be fairly wide and surf conditions tend to be a little more tame in this area.

Coquina Beach in South Nags Head is part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Located just across from Bodie Island Lighthouse, it is a fantastic beach. There is ample parking and a full facility bathhouse. Best of all, though, the beach is wide with plenty of room to spread out.

There are, of course, so many other beaches on the Outer Banks that we can’t mention them all. Something to keep in mind is the best beach is the beach that serves your needs the best. Neither Coquina Beach nor the Corolla beaches are convenient to food, drinks and sundries. Coquina Beach especially is not close to stores.

The beaches, though, in the main towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, however, are generally much closer to stores and services.

That’s certainly something for families to keep in mind.

And it underscores our belief that the best beach is the beach that best serves your needs.