I don’t know that there could have been a better day for the Duck & Wine Festival than we had today. 

After a statement like that, of course, the first question for anyone not familiar with the Outer Banks is, “What is the Duck & Wine Festival?”

Not surprisingly, it’s held in the Town of Duck at the Waterfront Shops, which is at the north end of the Duck boardwalk. Area restaurants create dishes featuring duck and those dishes are pared with wine.

It’s an outdoor event, and perched on the side of the Currituck Sound, with temperatures in the mid 70s and no clouds in sight . . . it’s perfection. It so represents so much of why people love the Outer Banks and why they come here to visit, that the whole thing could have been staged as a PR event–except it’s real.

It is a charity event. Proceeds benefit the Currituck-Dare Community Foundation and their charitable partners. A classic win-win . . . great food and a good cause.

It is an annual event and typically tickets sell out. Usually the last weekend in April, this is definitely an event to put on the to do list calendar for 2015.