There’s that old saying that goes, “numbers don’t lie,” and if that’s the case, it looks like the Outer Banks is headed for another record year of visitation. 

We’re only halfway to the end of the year, so it’s a little bit early to celebrate but the figures we’re seeing from the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, who tracks these things, indicate a very strong year on tap.

Something that is particularly encouraging for us here at Brindley Beach, home rentals appear to have the strongest growth of any of the categories the OBVB tracks.

A cautionary note has to come with this—these figures are only through May and we’re not sure how June is going to turn out. With so many schools in the northeast having to stay in session an extra one and sometimes two weeks to make up for the snow days, we’re still waiting to find out what the impact was on the month.

However, July and August are as packed as ever and with more and more activities a part of the Fall scene, there’s a lot of reason for optimism about how the year is going to turn out.