SUP  catching a wave on the Kitty Hawk Beach.

Two days in a row…temperatures in the 70s and even up to 80 today, and it was a good two days to ride some waves.

Saturday was certainly the better day, with 2-3’ waves but today wasn’t too bad although the waves were on the small side.

Even though day time temps almost got up to what we would expect in the summer, the water is still  cold…cold….cold. Two days in a row, the Field Research Facility at Duck (Duck Pier) has recorded an ocean temperature of 45 degrees. It is possible Kitty Hawk and south is a bit warmer, but if it is, it’s not by much.

It does look as though a sandbar is forming on the south end of the Kitty Hawk nourishment area. That’s what is supposed to happen after beach nourishment. Some of the sand on the beach goes back into the water and that sandbar is the first line of defense in breaking up the energy in waves.

A cautionary note—-the FRF is taking some measurements north of the pier. As they point out on their website, “To withstand the tremendous power of the ocean during storms, these instruments are mounted on 20-ft-long pipes…”

It’s a good idea to avoid that area.